18 Jan 23


11:00 - 00:00

Fortra’s Vulnerability Management Solutions for Proactive Security

Cybersecurity needs have grown well beyond antiviruses and firewalls. Proactive, offensive security measures are crucial to help avoid the damaging effects of an attack, including customer and credibility loss, compliance penalties, and expensive corrective security actions. Frontline Vulnerability Manager and beSTORM Dynamic Application Black Box Fuzzer can save your team valuable time and resources by proactively identifying weaknesses in your infrastructure and your application development before they are exploited. Frontline VM provides continual, automated vulnerability identification and threat prioritization so your team can perform comprehensive security assessments that result in actionable, prioritized remediation plans. BeSTORM uses the same methods cybercriminals use to attack applications in development, so your team can streamline application security in the SDLC and remediate code weaknesses prior to launch. In this webinar, Nick Hogg, Director of Technical Training, will go present Frontline VM and beSTORM and share how to: – Identify security weaknesses in on premise systems, cloud infrastructure, and web applications – Quickly prioritize threats to help guide remediation – Reduce risks to business critical systems and data – Meet and exceed compliance regulations

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