16 Sep 21


15:00 - 16:00

Network breach does not mean Data breach

As the world sees more network breaches, enhanced data security is essential. The way we protect data must increase and change, as organizations grow and need to consider how, they can leverage existing investments while advancing them through the adoption of modern IT to increase business agility, security, and overall performance.
This is especially true for banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) organizations, that require business agility and proven protection across the data they encrypt and the crypto assets and sensitive information they manage in all hybrid, hardware and multi cloud environments.
Whether it’s protecting your customers’ mission critical on-premise applications or authenticating users at the edge – Unbound Security solutions will ensure your increased security, while reducing your cost footprint.
Join Mark Read, Director of Strategic Alliances, EMEA and Richard Hellmeier, CEO at Aqaio for a candid discussion on the ROI of adding an all-encompassing cryptographic key management and security platform to your portfolio.

During this virtual talk we will discuss how:
• The unique requirements of Modern IT infrastructures (multi cloud, hybrid cloud) need deeper and more secure ways of data protection, using Unbound solutions will ensure the highest level of security and return on existing investments.
• To minimize the effect of breaches by preventing key theft and key misuse.
• Your customers can enforce policy and data governance via an advanced single pane of glass management console.
• To enable your customers to implement a single root of trust for all mission critical key transactions whilst ensuring high availability and reliability.


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